Tiger Force '67

This group of photos was sent to me February of 2000, by Ernie Moreland, Tiger Force, 67. Most were taken near Duc Pho and Pan Thiet. If you have further information or corrections to these captions, or can identify any of the men herein, please contact me at: hankpac@yahoo.com

Right off the bat, an unidentified Tiger. Great picture, anyone know him?

This is a picture of a cook that took great care of the Tigers in his chow line. This man, by his apparent age, was a vet in 67. He is proof that not everyone who lived in the rear was a REMF. What ever his name, "taking care" of the Tigers earns him a spot in our hearts. Thanks, Bro.

Charlie Hart, kneeling, If you look real close, Sanchez is right over his shoulder. May '67, near Duc Pho.

Joe Evans, and Ernie Moreland filling canteens on a water run near Duc Pho, May '67.

Ernie thinks this guy is named Holts. Platoon sergeant Rosales is walking toward camera without shirt.

Bob "Flash" Gordon, Doc Mariatt (sp?) Behind him, '67.

Dallas Rogers in helicopter, '67.

"Duke" Coulder (w/ M-60 Machine Gun). Thomas "Rebel" Brisson. Id'd by family May 1, 2003

Base Camp near Duc Pho.

"Home Sweet Home" for Ernie Moreland and Robin Varney at Duc Pho base camp.

Jim Barnett (W/warm beer) and Robin Varney, near Duc Pho, '67.

News article from the "Screaming Eagle". Tigers were prominently featured in the Division newspaper, until the arrival of the rest of the Division crowded out their activities, with stories of Division Commander, General Barsanti.

Rick Ammons near Pan Thiet, '67.

Ernie Moreland, Near Pan Thiet

Doc Mariatt without shirt, Charlie Hart, center, Ernie Moreland, getting his foot examined, after Punji stake incident. Pan thiet, '67.

Last name only..."Lee".