30 Years Later

After I had attended my first reunion, in 1998 I realized that I HAD left something back there. I left the memories of my good friends, and comrads. I had forgotten their bravery, and honor in trying to forget my own bad memories. I found many of my old buddies and many times, we wondered "what happened to so and so". Until then, the same had been asked of me. I left there determined to make a web site that would memorialze and commemorate, and if possible honor the men I had served with.My young son helped me put together this web site, using my own memories and photos given to me by my newly refound friends.

Some months later I got an E mail from Joe Wills, a Marine who was working on a monument project for a man who happened to be from his town, and county. In searching the web he stumbled across my web site. He was surprized to find the photo of John Gertsch, and the others of Tiger Force.

He notified John's sister who veiwed my site, and later got in contact with me. The timeing couldn't have been better, as it turns out that with in a few weeks, Memorial Day, 1999, the town of Sheffield, PA would be honoring John with a new monument and dedication of improvements to the park where it would stand. Through me, we contacted 8 other Tigers and were able to get a total of 6 Tigers actually there in this little corner of Pennsylvania to honor our friend. Some of us had not seen each other in 30 years.